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Sitting Up for Michael

Michael’s Died. Who's going to do the readings? Will there be a lock-in at Packie’s? Why did he only get twenty Mass Cards? The family and friends of Michael gather for the sit up on the sit up of his funeral, so don’t open the Jameson until tomorrow.

Following the hugely successful tour of Northern Ireland, King's Fool are currently in discussions to bring the show to London.

Goolie’s Human Taxidermy

After being cut out of the family will, and ejected from the Goolie Estate, poor Letitia Goolie finds a novel way of maintaining her life of high society.

This uproarious farce is in development and pre-production will be announced soon.

Untitled Ariel MacMillan musical

Britain’s top Page Three model gets breast cancer. With her health, looks and lifestyle in tatters, can she maintain her career when everything falls apart around her?

This project is currently in gestation, with collaboration from songwriter Marty Devine

M'Learned Friends

Belfast's most ambitious young lawyer has to figure out how he can rise to the top without having to deal with his clients

The Queen's Head

The regulars of the worst bar in the world are only slightly less socially acceptable than the scum that lines the glasses.

Both these projects have scripts ready, but are not yet in development.

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