❡ King’s Fool Productions first major production, Sitting Up for Michael, was premiered on 25th May 2012 at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast.

❡ The show was a huge his with audiences, as it toured to Omagh and Strabane later in the month, with audience figures rising with every performance.

❡ The first run featured a mix of experienced actors (Marianne March, Cathy Brennan-Bradley, Benjamin Gould) as well as professional debutants (Michael O'Sullivan, Brian Kennedy, Naomi Rocke) and was directed by Helen Donnelly.

❡ James wrote the script after sitting up on the eve of his grandmother's wake in August 2010. While nothing of that night made it into the play, the bittersweet setting was one he felt was perfect for exploring themes of death and examining modern Irish society.

❡ Set in contemporary county Tyrone, James’ comedy explores themes of family, separation and hidden pasts. On top of sibling rivalries, Michael’s wake is threatened by Joe’s new girlfriend, who may know more about the family than everyone realises.

Michael's Died. Who's going to do the readings? Will there be a lock-in at Packie's? Why did he only get twenty Mass Cards? The family and friends of Michael gather for the sit up on the sit up of his funeral, so don't open the Cognac until tomorrow.

❡ To put on your own production of the play, please contact James directly to negotiate licensing rates. A copy of the play is available to read on request at no cost.