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banner describing King's Fool Productions presents Sitting Up For Michael by James McAnespy

❡ King's Fool Productions was formed in September 2011 by writer and actor James McAnespy. The company produces an array of satirical theatre, film and television and commissioned work for corporate clients.

❡ Channeling the spirit of the jester, and taking inspiration from the great satirists of the past and present, King's Fool's mission statement is "To Hold a Mirror Up to the World," in a mischievous but potent manner.

❡ In May 2012 we took our first major production, Sitting Up for Michael on a tour across Northern Ireland. In five nights we had over 500 people through the doors, with numbers rising each night.

❡ We have now relocated to London and are putting the London debut of Sitting Up for Michael on in White Bear Theatre in Kennington.

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